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Starting to wonder when the road construction in Maple Grove will end? The large construction project linking Hwy 610 to I-94 has been under way since April of this year. This project has closed multiple roads and created new ones. All with the goal of creating lasting commuting benefits.

The major closure being Maple Grove Parkway between Co Rd 81 and 99th Ave North. During the closure the traffic has followed the detour using Co Rd 81, Fernbrook Lane N and 99th Ave N. On the other hand, a half mile segment of 101st Ave N between Fernbrook Lane N and I-94 has been closed permanently. In return, 105th Ave W. has been extended from Holly Lane N. across I-94 to create a new intersection with 101st Ave N. Other closures have included non-rush hour lane closures on Co Rd 81 and I-94.

How will the current closures will benefit you in the future? The plan includes realigning and extending Hwy 610 from its current location at Co Rd 81 and Elm Creek Blvd to I-94 while adding an interchange at Maple Grove Parkway. The goal is to increasing highway capacity, supporting economic development and improving the movement of freight according to the MNDOT website.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation states that the construction should be complete by late October 2016, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed!

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